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Yueming Elementary School

  • Date:2021

  • Location:Taipei, Taiwan

  • Category:Architecture


Yilan Yueming Elementary School was transformed from a public school to an experimental elementary school. Using the geographical advantage near the sea, it set up sailing courses and promoted marine education. It broke away from the previous educational framework and made nature a classroom for children. Under such an educational concept, the spatial planning is also designed with the core of “connecting with nature as soon as you leave the classroom”, breaking up the classroom configuration of the previous row of stations, using organically arranged columns, and constructing outdoor corridors to connect the scattered Classrooms allow corridors to dissolve into the woods; the building uses natural color walls and low walls made of black slate on the ground to reduce the existence of the building and integrate the whole into the natural environment. The classroom is no longer a square box, but also a part of nature. Both indoor and outdoor are places where children can learn happily.

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Due to the needs of users, three additional classrooms were built to the east of the old school building to break up the classroom configuration of the previous row of stations. Organically arranged columns were used to construct outdoor corridors to connect scattered classrooms, and planting was added to allow corridors. Melt into the woods to create the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

Master_20180629_SC_Scene 20.png
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