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Taiwan Water Corporation 8th Branch, Yilen



  • Date:2021

  • Location:Yilen, Taiwan

  • Category:Architecture

The service center of Yilan Tap Water District was relocated due to the use needs. The new location is located in the old water plant park left over from the Japanese occupation era. In addition to retaining the distribution pool at that time, the natural ecology is also very rich. Retain the characteristics of the park and respect the existing texture of the park. The service is divided into office and equipment data space, which is functionally configured. The space where the data is placed is arranged on the outer layer, the office is set on the inside, and the atrium between the two surrounds the distribution pool. Office environment. In terms of materials, it matches the historical relics, and uses simple water bricks and water molds to lower the posture of the building, so that the building is integrated into the traces of nature and history.

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concept 7.png
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