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IGOGO Sport 辦公室設計

IGOGO Sport Office Design

  • Date:2018.12

  • Location:Taipei, Taiwan

  • Category:Interior 

IGOGO Sport代理許多消費型音響品牌,主打適合陪伴運動的相關產品。在規劃辦公室時,由於有客服的需求,因此將設計重點放在入口處的服務台,以一大面環保甘蔗板作為公司的形象,搭配粗獷的鋼材,營造自然、戶外、運動的品牌形象。另一邊辦公區域,以格局通透的方式處理,並規劃倉儲空間,以使用者的需求,規劃兼具美觀與實用的空間。

IGOGO Sport represents many consumer audio brands, focusing on related products suitable for accompanying sports. When planning the office, due to the needs of customer service, the design focused on the service desk at the entrance, with a large-scale environmentally friendly sugar cane board as the company's image, and rough steel to create a natural, outdoor, and sports brand image. The office area on the other side is handled in a transparent manner, and the storage space is planned. According to the user's needs, a space that is both beautiful and practical is planned.

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