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新店區中央新村北側社會住宅_20160203_final final_透視圖(主


​Social Rented Housing, 

Xindian Dist., New Taipei City

  • Category:Architecture



Due to the large number of households in this project, for the ventilation and lighting of each household, a green space is planned as a public space between two groups of buildings, with 3 and 5 storeys as the unit and planted at the end of the corridor In addition to the green space between the buildings, the floor rooms also provide residents with a place to relax.

新店區中央新村北側社會住宅_20160203_final final_透視圖(生
新店區中央新村北側社會住宅_20160203_final final_平面圖(全
新店區中央新村北側社會住宅_20160203_final final_透視圖(立
新店區中央新村北側社會住宅_20160203_final final_透視圖(店
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