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Jin-Xing Elementary School

Batting Cage


  • Date:2021

  • Location:Taoyaun, Taiwan

  • Category:Architecture

The Jinxing Elementary School has added a baseball driving range, and we expect that it will be different from the previous iron facilities. It will allow aesthetics to enter campus life, and the space will have multiple uses. In order to increase the use of space, the original parking lot is retained as a three-dimensional foundation. The building uses the wings of birds to spread its wings as an image, extending from a low to high position, while cooperating with the surrounding environment. The material is mainly steel, covered with expanded nets to form a semi-shielded wall surface, and natural wind and sunlight can penetrate, making the driving range a safe and comfortable semi-outdoor place.

Baseball_1013_2_Sec Ele_SC_Scene 3_Ele01
Baseball_1013_2_Sec Ele_SC_Scene 1_Sec01
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